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Meet Zoraya De La Bastida

Zoraya de la Bastida is a San Diego realtor with over 25 years of experience in the industry. This charismatic go-getter received her a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering and a double MBA in Business Administration and Finance. Because of her educational and practical background in engineering and business, Zoraya has all the tools to empower you throughout the selling and buying process. She’s an expert in developing sales skills, client relationships, customer service, networking, and negotiating. Since residing in San Diego, CA in 1992, Zoraya has worked as a Senior Civil Engineer for the City of San Diego, and by 2004, she started her own business, Z Best Team in Real Estate. Zoraya has worked under RE/MAX, Century 21, Keller Williams Realty, and today her she is supported by Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. During her time at the City of San Diego, she managed a team of 15 engineers for airport real estate and various engineering projects, each project averaged a $20 million budget. If there is one thing that Zoraya has learned through her professional career, is that you are never done learning. Thus, she continuously seeks out real estate seminars, women in business and science seminars, and networking opportunities to expand her knowledge on one-on-one client satisfaction prioritization, maximizing seller’s home valuation, successful staging methods, and more.

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